Curious. Stubborn. Talktive.
Born in 93.

I'm Diogo. I'm a portuguese programmer and designer. I’m currently near the beach in Canidelo, Portugal. I recently quit my job to build Gymious.

I'm curious. I'm always interested in something. Be it computers, programming, designing or thinking. I like to notice how I think. How I behave. Why I do certain things. And how I end up in certain mental conditions. Reflecting and acting on this helped me overcome my worst times and made space for my best times.

I really love the freedom to think loosely. My best ideas come when I'm not constrained.

I like to walk. I also enjoy sunny days. Getting vitamin D improves my mood. I like to watch the sunset.

Some of my secret mood boosters are waking up without an alarm and also doing a workout.

My favourite way to socialize is around the fireplace. There are few things better than talking while warm, relaxed and amused by the fire. I love being around nature. I like to be in the mountains or near the river or the sea.

Work wise, I'm a fan of remote working. It gives more freedom to work, and I'm all in on that. In my experience the best work happens outside of the work schedule. I believe that small driven teams can accomplish a lot. Also that software is eating the world.

Some pictures of my 27 years old self 👇️

Diogo enjoying the view in Fafe.
Diogo at the sunset in Aveiro.
Diogo enjoying the view in Fafe