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Why I just learn what I want

Oct 10, 2016

I’m 23 right now, I’ve been studding in college for the last 3 years, finishing my bachelor with a lot of sacrifice, not because was hard but because I didn’t like what I was learning and almost all of my teachers didn’t like what they were teaching either.

They were uninspiring when they were suppose to be Rockstars at that subject and making us feel that joy and wisdom. I didn’t have that luck.

But this 3 years made me think about what was college all about, and without doubts the college is a learning path, depending on which course you choose you get a set of classes you have to complete in order to graduate and for today's world that’s inefficient.

You have to do all the classes even if you don’t give a shit to the matter, or even if they suck. You don’t have flexibility to adjust to your needs and tastes.

I ended my bachelor this year and I waste a lot of time attending classes that I didn’t enjoy and learn so little.

Not anymore.

This year I thought really well about starting to work full-time or going to a Master Degree in a field that I like more, but with a condition I’m not entering to get a Master Degree, I am entering for learning.

I decided to go for the Master Degree. So I’ll just attend the classes that I want to learn and that the teacher is really good at the subject.

I’ve been surprise that I’m having a completely different experience this academic year, I have a lot of nice teachers who care what they are teaching and I’m enjoying a lot of my classes and those which I don’t I do not attend and care, I can use that time for learning something that I want.

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