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High accomplished people are just good habit collectors

Mar 14, 2017

We have 24 hours a day, what we do with them end up being who we are.

I don’t believe that some people were born being high accomplished and others didn’t. What I mean is that if we constantly choose good habits, we are improving our chances of success every day. If instead we choose bad habits, we end up not accomplishing nothing that we wanted or dreamed about, and our life passes by.

I see bad habit collectors much more than I wanted, it’s a sad truth but we can’t ignore it and by creating awareness, I hope I can help some people make a change.

You can be who the fuck you want to be, just don’t bullshit yourself with excuses, bring the changes you need in order to be who the fuck you want to.

I wanted to be more lean, so I changed my eating habits. I’ve never eaten too badly, but in order to get in the shape I wanted, I knew I had to make changes, so I came up with solutions.

I cut my drinking habit, specially at the weekends, instead of drinking five to six beers every friday or Saturday night, now I drink one or two, or I don’t drink at all.

I used to eat a lot of rice and pasta, now I reduced my carbs dosage and added up greens. Also, I improved my breakfast and snacks during the day.

All this changes came from my will to get leaner.

At the beginning, it was hard to stick with this new plan, because I was very used to my old habits and the instant pleasure that they gave me. But I knew I needed to do this sacrifice to enjoy my gains later, to become who I wanted.

And now I replaced my old habits, with healthier ones. I don’t do the effort I’ve done to drink less or eat better, they’ve become part of who I am, and now I can put my effort in other things I want to change in myself.

Pick this and apply it in whatever you want to change in your life. You want to be more productive? Find out what do you need, and apply that changes to your life. It may “hurt” you at the beginning but they will become second nature and don’t forget that it will not take the same effort forever, it will decrease over time till it becomes a habit and you just can’t live without it.

We are a never ending project, and we can change as much as we want, but we got to put the effort, nothing comes easy.

Don’t let your life pass by, It’s up to you to be who the fuck you want to.

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