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Keep moving

May 12, 2017

We all have dreams, we all have things we want to accomplish in our short time on Earth.

As a lot of great things in life, at the beginning everything is wonderful, we have great ideas, we have a plan in our head, we have the momentum. Then as we start pursuing these things all falls along.


The honeymoon is over.

As we take the ideas from our head, we find out problems, we argue, we get stuck. And we start to lose the motivation that got us started.

Most of us then, put our sleeves up and fight. We start solving the problems that we had, but bigger ones appear. And instead of going faster we are slowing down over time.

We get over the rock that made we stuck, only to find a bigger one.

Life is fucked up.

Thats when most people give up. What they don’t know is that success is on the other side of that bigger rock.

Keep moving.

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