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Don’t constrain yourself by your academic education

Oct 18, 2017

I’ve been seeing a lot of people constraining themselves by their academic education and that is so limited.

When people are talking and they go into work related stuff they usually start: — “What are you doing right now?“, and normally after the answer comes the follow up question: “But are you enjoying?”?.
And unfortunately more often than not, the answer is that they would like to do something different of what they are doing but in the same area.

But not because they love that area, but because that is the area of their college degree.

I don’t know if is the pressure of society, sometimes you tell that you want to do something different and you can expect a reaction like — “But your degree ranges that area? ”.

Or if is the feeling that if you change your path you will be wasting all those years and money invested in a college degree.

For me, the degree was little more than knowing what I like or dislike in the subjects that I studied. But the most important thing, it made me realize that I could learn everything. That there are no boundaries. And the ones that exist were created by us.

If we stay with the boundaries of what we were taught, we will never come up with innovation. If Einstein was locked in on what he was taught, we would still use all the Isaac Newton theories that he defeated and we would live in different world that we live today.

No degree is tailored for every student. You have the same subject that thousands of people have. My point is, that whichever the degree it is not the perfect education for your “taste”, it will help you know what your “taste” is (even if you didn’t like anything, you now know what you didn’t like). So work on the “taste” and find out what you truly like and educate yourself.

The degree may give you nice grasps of knowledge in some areas but ultimately it will be what you invest in yourself after or by side that will make you accomplish whatever you want. I love this quote of Mark Twain, that reflects all of this thoughts.

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” — Mark Twain

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