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Are we becoming numb as we age?

Dec 16, 2019

children running into the clouds

The other day, I was riding around with a friend, going to the east side of the city. We had two ways: passing a viaduct or going around, which is the fastest route for where we were going.

We were riding and chilling, but still what comes naturally to my mind is to take the fastest route. I was deciding the path to take, and he said:

— “Take the viaduct. Remember when we were children and we passed there with our parents? We enjoyed it a lot.”

I agreed, remembering all the times I passed there with my parents, asking my father to speed up, so I could feel more adrenaline.

So we took the viaduct.

We went slowly. We didn’t just ride there. We felt the rising, the falling. We admired the views, how novel they are and how we just had this moment to appreciate them.

It was incredible, just like when we were children. Which made me wonder how much numb we are becoming as we age.

Wouldn’t be nicer if we let ourselves to fully embrace the moment, as we did so well when we were kids?

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