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Crisis pattern

Dec 2, 2020

We had a financial crises because we invented a lie and masked it out as truth. The people bought the lie and we got to a point where we coudn't lie anymore. CRISIS. We have to deal with the lie and deal with the consequences.

A lot of times we mask our worries and we believe in lies. We don't deal with them and everything looks fine. Till one day we can't anymore.


We have to deal with the lie and suffer the consequences.

It's the same pattern.

Everything we don't deal with comes to us with the compound interest of each day we ignore it. Ending up having exponentially larger magnitude.

How can we deal with emotional bombs?

That's a hard one. When it hits, there are so many problems, that we panic. We don't know what to do and the head races.

There isn't other solution than deal with the problems and accept the consequences. But I know, it's easy to talk and hard to do.

What I learned is, the longer we postpone the problems the worse. Period.

Suffering grows till we accept the consequences.

Finally, from the moment we embrace the reality and act, the suffering starts to decrease and the days start to get more positive.

Being aware is the first step.

We are conscious only when we distinguish truth from lies. Fantasy from reality.

But making a decision and acting is what brings progress to positivity.

Last time I was in a crisis, a friend a mine showed me this quote from Doctor House and It helped me act.

Dr.House - Time doesn’t change things

Some things that help to prevent personal crisis

  • Meditation
  • Being on nature
  • Writing
  • Being alone
  • Traveling

This activaties help you bring awereness. It helps you know what are you worried about. Which is extremely difficult with all the noise in our own lifes.

Than the old school general advice:

  • Doing exercise
  • Eating clean
  • Having sex

This helps with everything.

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